Mission / Vision / Values

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Mission & Vision 

Mission  To create a nationally recognized swimming environment that teaches and trains every level of swimming, emphasizing individual progress, team unity, and family participation.

Vision  The Marlins swim program seeks to provide an opportunity for all swimmers, regardless of age or ability, to reach their highest potential in an environment “Where Dreams Become Reality.”

 Welcome to the Marietta Marlins  Whether you’re a new swimmer or a returning swimmer, we are glad you’re here and we want to do all we can to make this a positive and successful experience for you and your family. We’re a coach-run, family-focused, not-for-profit organization. Family participation is key to the success of your swimmer and the success of our mission.


How we go about doing our mission and fulfilling our vision: e.g. intrinsic swimmer motivation, self-reliance, team, work, smart work, G.R.E.A.T…

Training Groups

Discovery 1-2-3  Non-competitive fun program to prepare swimmers for swimming technique. Discovery groups will do up to three, 45-minute practices each week depending upon level. Discovery 1=3x a week; Discovery 2–2x a week; Discovery 3=1x a week. We ask all Discovery swimmers to commit to a 12-week “swimester” before reassessment.

Developmental 1-2-3  First competitive swimming begins, stroke construction and correction, with adaptive physical conditioning. Developmental groupers will swim up to four 75-minute practices a week and participate in swim local and regional meets. Developmental 1=Four 75-min. practices per week; Developmental 2=Three 60-min. practices per week; Developmental 3=Two 45-min. practices per week.

Advanced Developmental NEW for Fall 2017! This program level targets qualified middle school swimmers; meets M-F, 6:45-8am at MVAC ONLY. See your coach to qualify. Transitions Developmental 1 swimmers to Junior 2. MORNINGS ONLY.

Junior 2, 1  Competitive swimming, stroke perfection, aerobic and strength conditioning. Junior 1 swimmers achieve GA qualifying times.   Junior 2=Five 90-min. practices per week; Junior 1=Six 90-to-120 minute practices per week.  Some Junior level swimmers will take advantage of early morning practices with the Senior groups described below. Morning practices are available.

Giant   These swimmers are prepared for high school competition and Georgia Age-Group or Senior State competitions.  “Giants” are swimming up to eight 90-to-120 minute practices per week. Morning practices are necessary.

National   Achieve a Sr. Sectional cut; they swim with High Performance groups. National swimmers swim up to ten 90-to-120 minute practices per week. Morning practices are required.

High  Performance   By invitation, athletes swim at the highest level at mandatory double sessions. High Performance swimmers swim up to eleven 90-to-120 minute practices per week. Morning practices are required.


We urge swimmers to be 10 min. early to practice. We urge all swimmers to have their own training gear (fins, kick boards, buoys, paddles, snorkles).  See our Gear Page for gear recommendations appropriate to swimmer ability; click HERE. Practices vary in length from training group to training group: single session 45 min. practices for youngest swimmers to 2 hour double session for our most competitive swimmers.  Every week we offer 11 training opportunities to produce great kids who swim fast—Where Dreams… Become Reality.