SWIM SUITS: Everyone can come to practice in a good fitting practice swim suit. Polyester fabrics wear the best in chlorine, so get suits that are predominantly polyester. We are now a TYR sponsored team, so we encourage you to shop for TYR products. Boys wear an above the knee jammer. The traditional brief is making a come back, and these are inexpensive! Girls have many choices in the one-piece category, with an array of backs and straps and cut outs. Find what fits best and helps you during swim practice. Polyester suits are most long lasting!

GOGGLES: Everyone needs to have one to two pair of goggles. Try your goggles out at home and adjust them to fit. Come to practice ready to use them.

CAPS: Yes! All the girls wear caps during practice, so do many of the guys. Have several caps in your swim bag in case one of them tears or goes missing.

All American Swim is the Georgia State Swimming sponsoring vendor and is located in the Publix shopping center at Woodstock & King Rds. All American Swim can fit your swimmers with suits, goggles, and gear. Get directions HERE.

White Georgia Swimming hat

All American Swim is the Georgia Swimming online store. Grab your own Georgia Swimming logo apparel through our online store with All American Swim. Click HERE for a link to the store. Enter username: Georgia, with password: swimming30 to access the store.

Long Fins


DISCOVERY Gear: Long Fins, Kick board, Mesh Gear Bag or Bucket to carry all.

DEVELOPMENTAL Gear: Long Fins and, size permitting, Short fins, Kick board, Pull buoy, Paddles, Mesh Gear Bag or Bucket. (Some Developmental 1 swimmers may start using a snorkel at the request of the coach.)

JUNIOR Gear: Short Power Pro fins  (see below), Kick Board, Pull Buoy, Catalyst 2 Paddles, Snorkel, Mesh Gear Bag or Bucket

Arena Power Pro fin or the DCM Tech fin

HIGH PERFORMANCE, NATIONAL, & GIANT Gear: Short Power Pro Fins, Kick Board, Axis Pull Buoy, Catalyst Paddles, Snorkel, Mesh Gear Bag or Gear Bucket


Finis Axis Dual-Function pull buoy

NEW! We want our Giant, National, and High Performance swimmers to use this pull buoy–the Finis Axis Dual-Function pull buoy. Buoy can be used as a leg or ankle float; has secure grip texture, assists to work the core and rotation.

TYR Catalyst 2 Paddles


We wish all of our swimmers to have their own training gear: fins, paddles, pull buoys, snorkels, and kick boards appropriate to their abilities and conditioning. We have a limited supply of loan gear left to us by previous swimmers who outgrew their stuff and left it to us. Thank you. But it’s best and efficient for each swimmer to have his/her own gear and be ready to use it during a practice.

We would like our Senior level and Junior level swimmers to have the uniform training equipment listed below–especially the fins.  Check the links above.  You will not find gear like this at the “big box” shops.

**Discovery and **Developmental swimmers can use long fins (the Tritan model is inexpensive and durable!).  They can use kick boards like the loaners we have in our equipment bin (in limited supply).  Developmental 1 swimmers can start to use the short fins illustrated below and snorkels. All Developmental swimmers can get the Catalyst 2 paddles appropriately sized. Discovery swimmers do not need paddles.