Training Levels / Groups

Non-Competitive Group

DISCOVERY 1-2-3 Non-competitive fun program is a prelude to swimming technique. All sessions are 45-minutes in length, with choices of 3, 2, or 1 session(s) per week. There are 3 swimesters a year: FALL, WINTER, SPRING.

The 2018-19 DISCOVERY year is divided into three 12-week swimesters: FALL-, WINTER, SPRING.Online REGISTRATION COMING SOON Click HERE for the required medical form.

Competitive Groups

Unlike the DISCOVERY program with its “12-week” schedule, all of the following competitive groups are “year ’round” with periodic training tapers or breaks based on meet schedules.

DEVELOPMENTAL 1-2-3 First competitive swimming begins here with stroke construction, correction, and adaptive (aerobic) physical conditioning. Practices are 75, 60, or 45 minutes in length; 4, 3, or 2 times a week, respectively.

***ADVANCED DEVELOPMENTAL*** NEW! This program level targets qualified middle school swimmers; meets M-F, 6:45-8am at MVAC ONLY. See your coach to qualify. Transitions Developmental 1 swimmers to Junior 2. MORNINGS ONLY.

JUNIOR 1 & 2 Competitive swimming, stroke perfection, aerobic and strength conditioning. Junior 1 swimmers achieve GA qualifying times. Practices are 90 minutes in length; 6 or 5 times a week, respectively. Morning practices are available.

GIANT Swimmers are prepared for high school competition, GA Age-Group/Sr. State competition. Practices are 90-120 minutes in length; 8 times a week. Morning practices are necessary.

NATIONAL The fifth group our National. Achieve a Sr. Sectional cut; swim with High Performance. Practices are 90-120 minutes in length; 10 times a week. Morning practices are required.

HIGH PERFORMANCE Achieve a Sr. Sectional cut; included by invitation, athletes swim at the highest level with mandatory double sessions. Practices are 90-120 minutes in length; 11 times a week. Morning practices are required.

ONLINE REGISTRATION COMING SOON! For a copy of the required medical release form click HERE.

Program Brochure

Get an overview of our entire program with a copy of our Marlins Team brochure. Click HERE Make a copy and share with a friend; tell someone about the Marlins!