Training Levels / Groups

Non-Competitive Group

DISCOVERY 1-2-3 Non-competitive fun program is a prelude to swimming technique. All sessions are 45-minutes in length, with choices of 3, 2, or 1 session(s) per week. There are 3 swimesters a year: FALL, WINTER, SPRING.

The 2017-18 DISCOVERY year is divided into three 12-week swimesters: FALL-Sept 5-Nov 25, WINTER-Jan 2-Mar 24, SPRING-April 9-June 30. Click HERE for a copy of the DISCOVERY registration form and HERE for the required medical form. Go to the Forms page of this website to see all the documents. Costs are on the registration form.

The 2018-2019 registration form is HERE.

Competitive Groups

Unlike the DISCOVERY program with its “12-week” schedule, all of the following competitive groups are “year ’round” with periodic training tapers or breaks based on meet schedules.

DEVELOPMENTAL 1-2-3 First competitive swimming begins here with stroke construction, correction, and adaptive (aerobic) physical conditioning. Practices are 75, 60, or 45 minutes in length; 4, 3, or 2 times a week, respectively.

***ADVANCED DEVELOPMENTAL*** NEW! This program level targets qualified middle school swimmers; meets M-F, 6:45-8am at MVAC ONLY. See your coach to qualify. Transitions Developmental 1 swimmers to Junior 2. MORNINGS ONLY.

JUNIOR 1 & 2 Competitive swimming, stroke perfection, aerobic and strength conditioning. Junior 1 swimmers achieve GA qualifying times. Practices are 90 minutes in length; 6 or 5 times a week, respectively. Morning practices are available.

GIANT Swimmers are prepared for high school competition, GA Age-Group/Sr. State competition. Practices are 90-120 minutes in length; 8 times a week. Morning practices are necessary.

NATIONAL The fifth group our National. Achieve a Sr. Sectional cut; swim with High Performance. Practices are 90-120 minutes in length; 10 times a week. Morning practices are required.

HIGH PERFORMANCE Achieve a Sr. Sectional cut; included by invitation, athletes swim at the highest level with mandatory double sessions. Practices are 90-120 minutes in length; 11 times a week. Morning practices are required.

Click HERE for the registration form for the above competitive groups (DEVELOPMENTAL through HIGH PERFORMANCE). Click HERE for a description of coaching fees for competitive groups. For a copy of the required medical release form click HERE.

Program Brochure

Get an overview of our entire program with a copy of our Marlins Team brochure. Click HERE Make a copy and share with a friend; tell someone about the Marlins!